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Business credit advisor, how to find a good business advisor?

Finding the cheapest business loan is a difficult challenge when there are several large banks operating on the Polish market. In order for the Loan to be perfectly tailored to the company, it is worth turning to a professional credit advisor, addressed to business operations.

But how do you find a consultant with the right knowledge base and excellent experience in the credit industry?

A multitude of credit bureaus with loans for companies

A multitude of credit bureaus with loans for companies

Every credit bureau, or at least the overwhelming majority of them, has in its offer products for business. Bank loans for companies are not necessarily well used by advisors who lack experience in working with a business client. Then the entrepreneur can find an expensive loan that does not respond at all to the specifics of his business.

This results in many frustrations and repayment problems. It is worth getting acquainted with opinions on offices and the provision of business loans by them.

The offer of loans for companies is not enough, the right human factor is important, i.e. an adviser with knowledge and experience. Larger offices, such as the Good Finance family, are aware of this by having agents dedicated to corporate loans.

An effective and specific credit advisor for companies


An indispensable activity in the process of seeking a loan for your company is to pay attention to the experience of a credit counselor or intermediary. It is also worth checking the level of his knowledge by asking about issues of interest to us.

The Internet is a huge treasury of knowledge, it is also worth looking for opinions about a credit advisor who attracted our attention. An effective and specific credit advisor for companies has extensive knowledge in the field of banking, finance, and accounting, thanks to which its operation results in high loan granting.

A good business credit advisor is independent


Credit advisors specializing in corporate loans can be employed by a bank or loan company and work for them. Such advisors usually present the offer of one institution, praising and recommending it. But is this the best offer available on the market? Will, we did not find anything cheaper? After all, each industry has its own specifics and it is not said that a bank recommended by an advisor will be the best in this case.

That is why it is worth choosing a credit advisor for companies grouping many banking and non-banking offers in their activities. A comparison of offers will allow you to choose by far the cheapest so that the company will not be charged with excessive interest and commission costs. In this case, the consultant is able to better tailor the offer to the individual needs of the entrepreneur.

A business credit advisor, what should it be like?


A person who describes himself as a credit advisor for companies should be reliable, experienced, with a sense of the industry. It is good as if it was also on time and making an appointment with her was not a problem. Corporate loans require much more interest from a credit advisor than in loans for individuals.

The adviser examines the company’s situation in GFIC, credit history, level of credit. In turn, it scans income papers, the company’s financial condition, meets owners. Only on the basis of such detailed information is it able to prepare an appropriate offer for its client. Good advisor’s contact with the business owner in the process of applying for a loan is the key to obtaining it quickly.

A competent credit advisor for companies will present 2-3 offers to his client for various periods of time, with different specifications. The entrepreneur decides about the possibility of early repayment of the loan, additional insurance.

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